Free online ultrasound resources


We support the FOAMEd (Free Open Access Medical Education) Movement and have curated the following resources for you to continue to improve your practice.

The POCUS Atlas - The world’s ultrasound case library. We curate and share the best ultrasound images from around the world so you can learn and teach ultrasound in any setting. Our image library contains everything from normals, to exemplary common pathology, to extraordinarily rare images. The Evidence Atlas section (and our new app) highlights and reviews the best evidence for core POCUS indications and provides you the information in simple infographics.

5 Minute Sono - Short (less than 5 minute) evidenced based videos focused on technique and image acquisition. Very high yield and reinforces many of the studies taught during Bread and Butter.

Ultrasound G.E.L. - “Gathering the Evidence from the Literature” - EBM Focused podcast and blog in a format resembling a journal club. Reviews new literature on an almost weekly basis and provides infographic summaries.

Ultrasound Podcast - The OG heavy hitters of the FOAM Ultrasound world - one of the best, first, and most robust POCUS FOAMEd resources out there. Their video podcasts contain years of content from technique to EBM and everything in between.

Ultrasound of the Week - Case based POCUS Education and the “Tools” section is not to be missed. Dr. Ben Smith creates custom web/OS based software and tutorials to help you create and share your own FOAMEd and educational materials.

DDxOf - Infographics and visual algorithms for the workup of various chief complaints and diagnostic questions. Collaborates with the POCUS Atlas for all ultrasound content.

UCSD Ultrasound - Created and curated by Dr. Macias - Contains a ton of content, most notably the “resident curriculum” which nicely expands on the curriculum of the Bread and Butter course. Would be an effective and organized approach to learn more after the course.

Highland EM Ultrasound Pain Management - the gold standard in POCUS guided nerve blocks. Videos, literature, and everything you need for nerve blocks and alternative approaches to pain management.

Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound, Volume 1 and Volume 2 - The Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound iBook in 2 volumes is a free and interactive iBook for POCUS education. Succinct, beautifully designed and perfect as a quick reference and just-in-time learning tool. Covers everything from “How to Scan,” key literature and consensus/society guidelines. This was an international collaborative effort by many of the biggest names in ultrasound and published by ACEP under the guidance of Resa E. Lewiss. If you could internalize this book you would be in a very good place.